Considerations To Have Your Website Mobile Friendly

Website Mobile Friendly

It is currently the trend that most internet users access the web through various devices. One of the most widely used devices is mobile gadgets like mobile phones and tablet PCs. A lot of internet surfers today prefer the use of mobile devices because these gadgets are easy to carry and use anywhere, anytime. Optimizing your web design for mobile devices is important especially if you want to increase blog traffic and improve your business online. It can provide a lot of benefits and advantages to both you and your prospective customers.

According to latest studies, more and more users are now accessing the internet through their mobile devices. If your business website takes too long to load, it can result to almost 7% decrease in prospective customers. If your business website was faster to load when accessed from mobile gadgets, you could have converted more web traffic to real buyers. That is why building a mobile friendly site is important.

If we quantify that, a few seconds delay in loading a web page can cost a business almost $250,000 per year if the business is making about $10,000 per day through its e-commerce site. That is definitely a big loss especially for small businesses and pure online businesses.

Advantages Of Mobile Optimized Websites

Better User Experience

Most web users would proceed to the next business website they can find if the first site they accessed did not load properly or took too long to load. If not for the loading problems, the online business could have converted to visitor to its new customer. By making your business website optimized for mobile devices, you can improve user experience and have higher chances of gaining more prospective customers.

Better Web Presence

Making websites mobile-friendly is some of the main components of SEO strategies today. This is because mobile-friendly sites are more accessible by more users increasing its web presence and page rank in search engines.

Longer Time On The Website

Aside from making your business site more accessible through mobile gadgets, a mobile optimized website can also encourage visitors to linger longer and explore more on your site. Users who are usually using mobile devices when surfing the net are doing so because they are busy and always on the go. You should make your web pages easier and faster to load so they will find it easier to find what they need from your website therefore converting more visitors to real customers.

If you want to gain an edge against your business competitors, you should make sure that optimizing your site for mobile devices is part of your online marketing mix. We can offer you professional assistance in your content management system needs. Learn more about our professional content management system services at

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