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social media traffic

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Whether you are a blogger, internet marketer or a publisher, getting traffic to your site is an important driver to success. Small to medium businesses strive to build a name of their brand online and the social media is the perfect tool of increasing their online popularity in the search results. Getting social influencers to help promote your site is a good social media marketing plan that can help grow your website traffic and it is called influencer marketing strategy.

How social media influencer can help your digital marketing campaign


social media traffic

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Social media influencers are highly respected people within their social media community. They usually write blogs and communicate with their followers effectively with the ability to gain their trust and confidence. Influencers are known to have significant popularity rate and can influence people in terms of their purchasing behaviour. About 29% of the consumers trust the blogs and recommendation of social media influencers. This means that getting an influencer recommend your brand to his followers can help increase your social media traffic and potential sales. Studies show that about 86% of top influencers in the social media maintain multiple blog. Just imagine how much traffic your website can get if you successfully get influencers to promote your brand on their blog sites.

Step #1 – Find Top Social Media Influencer

The first step in growing your social media traffic is to find the top influencers within your field of business. This can enhance your search engine optimization and digital marketing campaign success but first you need to make a list of the top social media influencers within your niche.

  • Find popular content that discusses the same subject matter within your field of interest and research about its author and follow his or her social media profile.
  • Use tools to help find the social influencers within a particular social media site. The tool can help facilitate the process of searching popular posts, influential content based on the number of social shares of their posts and find social media profiles with the highest numbers of followers.
  • Use specific keywords that are relevant to your brand and use it to search for the top influencers in the social media community. You can use the keyword in Google alert, social influencer finder tools and on various social media sites.
  • Build your list and start following the top influencers within your social media community.

Step # 2 – Build Relationship with Top Influencers


social media traffic

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Building relationship to top social media influencers is the next step after completing your list. You cannot successfully increase your social media traffic without getting them to promote, share or like your business. This part can be tricky as you need a good approach in order to attract the attention of social influencer to give the value of your brand. There are major social media sites where you can find influencers within their own fields of interest and here are some tricks to help you engage them to your brand:

  • Engage Google + top influencers

Make sure to join a Google + circle community and actively participate in discussions and sharing of views about particular topics. Be generous in sharing the content and posts of the Google + influencers to your own profile and constantly mention them in your post updates. It also helps to join the Google + Hangouts that is created by the top influencers in the G+ community and become a live participant in discussing some issues. Interacting with other members can help your profile become popular too.

  • Engage Twitter top influencers

Prominent bloggers are known to be very active on Twitter. You can engage them to build relationships with you by re-posting their tweets and become their followers. Try to show how important is their expertise to you by asking for opinions and @mention them in your tweets. You can also participate in their Twitter discussions while leaving a link to your site.

  • Engage Facebook top influencers


social media traffic

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Many of your target consumers are probably on Facebook already. Getting Facebook influencers to promote your site will increase your social media traffic and get the attention of your potential customers on Facebook. To engage Facebook’s top influencers, like and comment on their Facebook page. Sharing their Facebook posts will also make them take notice of you as an active follower of their Facebook page. Be responsive on other people’s posts and try to be helpful by giving advice and opinion to other members of the top influencers’ page.

  • Engage Pinterest top influencers

Pinterest can be a good source of click throughs for your site and social influencers in Pinterest can help make your posts more popular within the community. You can engage the top influences in Pinterest by sharing or re-pinning their posts or like and comment on them. Active conversations with influencers in Pinterest can boost your brand popularity. Try to get help from the top influencers by asking their opinions about subjects of interest within their field of expertise.

  • Engaging LinkedIn top influencers
social media traffic

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LinkedIn is the best social media site where you can find business influencers and other professionals to whom you want to promote your business brand. Find people with high numbers of connections and send them a request that you want to become a part of their network. Be consistent in keeping in touch with the social influencers who are already in your social connection by following their business page and actively engage in a conversation with them. The best thing about the site is its feature called LinkedIn Influencers that highlights the most popular and influential members within their fields of expertise.

Step # 3 – Post engaging content on your social media accounts

Create unique and engaging posts to your own social media accounts in order to get the social media influencers to follow and endorse your profile. This is a prudent way of building your social media traffic and to make a worthwhile social influencer outreach campaign. Remember, no matter how you like, tweet, re-pin, re-post and share the social media influencers’ social media activities, they will not find any value of sharing and endorsing your own site if it is not worth sharing with others. So make your own social media sites valuable to the top influencers to gain merit of their recommendation for better influencer marketing results.


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