The Big Data Role in Social Digital Marketing


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The social media has become a very powerful influence in the search ranking of online marketing websites. Social signals have become a very strong indicator to the search engine regarding the relevance of your business site to internet users. This is the reason why webmasters in the digital marketing industry are taking major steps in integrating social media to their digital marketing campaign in order to further optimize their SEO marketing progress. Social marketing companies in Atlanta have revolutionized the way they structure their digital marketing campaign by integrating big data into their social digital marketing campaigns.

Why you need big data integration to social digital marketing

Big data can provide your business with valuable information that cannot simply be drawn by factual analysis and a mere customer predictive purchasing behaviour. It is no longer a matter of assumption that people who like to play tennis will buy a tennis racket. Big data can provide digital marketers better information than that. Using data analytics, it is possible to track down the purchasing behaviour of your target customers while having the ability to understand their shopping preferences, the other products that they may be interested in, even what device they are using for shopping online.


big data

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Data is big and it is the future in social media marketing. Even search engine optimization companies use big data to further optimize their analytics while structuring the best digital marketing SEO approach that will certainly engage target customers. The major principle of big data analytics is to provide internet marketers better marketing positioning by obtaining insights regarding what the consumers have purchased and likely to purchase in the future.

Social media and big data integration – Powerful digital marketing duo

When big data is combined with social media, the effect to your digital marketing campaigns can be tremendous. According to statistics, the consumers are twice likely to purchase the same product that their friend has purchased. Moreover, the social media platforms have become a marketing channel where the social media community are actively sharing recommendations and exchange of words about brands and businesses. Social media influencers can likewise promote brand awareness within their social circles and are capable of increasing a brand profit up to 50%.

Big data can be broad and oftentimes provide some complex information owing to the large volume of information that it is capable of giving an online marketer. However, asking the right questions will give you the right data analytics that can help you optimize your social digital marketing campaigns.

Is your digital marketing strategy engaging enough?

Data analytics can provide you some insights regarding how well your business is able to engage your website’s potential visitors. By using the analytics tool like the Google Webmaster tool, you will know how long a website visitor stayed on a particular page of your website.

  • From the Audience section of your dashboard you can find the frequency of visits of each of your visitor under the Frequency and Recency tab.
  • The rate of engagement of your web page is also displayed under the Audience section in the Engagement tab. From this perspective you can determine the length of stay of your viewers to your web pages. The Google search engine often categorize web visits that last between 0 and 10 seconds each time they only visit a single page of your website regardless of how long they stay on that web page.

The fewer numbers of visits and shorter period of length of stay to view your web pages by your website visitors indicate that your website is not engaging enough. You need to write more powerful content to your web pages to accelerate the results of your search engine optimization with the social media channels.

Here’s how you can draw strong engagement of your viewers to your digital marketing web pages:

  • Ask questions that are interesting enough to compel the reader to participate and share his or her point of view. You have the best opportunity of aligning your marketing strategies according to the preferences communicated by your website visitors.
  • Post images or videos about your products and services. Allow your viewers to comment and share their recommendations on how to improve your business.
  • Provide statistics and information relevant to your business. Your readers will want to read updates and fresh news in order to have something new to talk about.
  • Ask your readers to participate in polls to help you improve your products and services.

Do you measure your social digital marketing campaign results?

There are many data available that can give you the opportunity to improve your digital marketing campaigns. Here are the means by which you can easily use big data to grow your social media marketing strategies:

  • Track down social comments about your business across the different social media platforms.
  • Monitor the number of clicks to your web pages by your visitors and measure the rate of their engagement to your site.
  • Understand the traffic flow of your website visitors.
  • Keep track of every web page visit as well as the orders placed by your new and returning customers separately.
  • Monitor the revenue coming from your social channels to help you understand the effectiveness of your social media digital marketing campaign to your website conversion rate and revenue.
  • Tailor your website content to become more responsive to your customer behaviour and needs in order to engage them more to your business.

Are you responsive to your customer’s needs and preferences?

The social media is the most common source of information in getting feedback and understanding consumer behaviour and their preferences. Social media marketing companies in Atlanta find it important to stress enough the value of responsiveness of your digital marketing campaign to your customer needs and to align your SEO marketing strategies accordingly. Data analytics can provide the valuable information you need in order to identify consumer preferences and needs in order to make your business more relevant and valuable to your target market.

Departing insights about data analytics

The impact of big data analytics to your social media marketing campaign is huge. By leveraging on targeted and intentional approach in extracting data metrics that can provide insightful details that are significant to your digital marketing campaign, internet marketers can become more capable of aligning their business to meet their customer demands and in understanding consumer behaviour better.

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