Big Data Implications on Social Media, SEO and Digital Marketing


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Big data is a big thing in the digital marketing industry. With the exponential growth of data collection, multimedia resources and the internet, big data is the future of a competitive and innovative industry of online marketing. Big data embraces innovation in increasing your business ROI. Using big data in combination of search engine optimization, you have a very powerful tool in growing your business’ search rank with wider digital market coverage with a vast of profitable marketing opportunity for your business. Big data implies better lead conversion sales, consistent organic traffic to your website and gives measurable tools that allow you to unlock significant marketing values and opportunities for your business.

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For digital marketers, big data can provide the following major opportunities for better ROI with more competitive marketing insights to grow their business:

  • Using predictive models such as audience segmentation to track down purchasing habits of your customers, separating repeat customers from the new ones.
  • Group customers according to their buying behavior and attributes in order to create a targeted marketing campaign.
  • Use social data to understand the rate of consumer social engagement to your business.
  • Leverage on big data to use as intelligent algorithms to gain better insights in delivering targeted ads for your customers.

Big data – The game changing concept in digital marketing


big data

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The advent of big data has introduced a game changing opportunity of growing market sales and better ROI among digital marketers. In the past years Google Trend showed a remarkable increase in the number of searches for the term big data. The marketing concept of big data implies “big data equates to bigger market opportunities” which entices online marketers to leverage over this new digital marketing promise in growing their business. Data is however meaningless if you are unable to extract important values to your business advantage. Marketers need to learn the strategies of digging through the big data to mine out better market opportunities.

Using analytics to dig through big data to find market opportunities

Data collection is more efficient, reliable, consistent and objective when using data analytic tools to acquire relevant information that will be valuable to your target market. The use of marketing analytics improves the effectiveness of your target ROI and reduces the costs of employing useless and unproductive marketing strategies. Using analytic tools, you can revolutionize the way you dig through the marketing opportunities that are available to your business.

Use keyword analysis metrics

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Keyword research is an important metric in any analytic tools. You take the risks of neglecting marketing trends in your industry especially those that are relevant to your product development if you are not consistent in undertaking keyword research and analysis.

-          Use keyword research tools like the Google Keyword Research Tool to find market opportunities using keyword SEO.

-          Search for high ranking keywords but with a lower competition value

-          Use the global search if your digital marketing campaign is one designed for the global audience and use local search if you cater to the local market.

-          Use the keyword in optimizing your web page content. Distribute the keyword to appear on your content title, meta description, URL, images through the alt text, and the H1 tag.

-          Use paid search marketing campaigns and group keywords to create a good marketing textual advertising ad to improve your digital marketing position on the search engine.

Keyword research will keep your marketing insights and SEO strategies up-to-date and relevant to the changing trend in customer behavior and digital marketing.

Predictive models for customer segmentation

Predictive models play an integral role in helping marketers predict customer behavior. Customer segmentation is one of these predictive models that can become a big data resource in helping you understand customer preferences and needs. It is easier to make smart decisions using predictive analytics for business, making your business more customer-driven with the ability to attract, satisfy and retain customers.

  • Segment your customers by demographics.

This will give you more accurate insights regarding your customer’s age, geographic location, sex, educational background, income, family size and social class. You can align your marketing goals and strategies by targeting specific groups of customers that are likely to convert for profit. For instance, if more of your visiting customers are women you can further drive your market in catering to this target group of customers who are likely attracted and enticed to patronize your products by using web designs that are female friendly.

  • Use behavioral segmentation


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The behavioral model for segmenting customers will give you big data regarding customer loyalty and usage of your products. You can separate customers that are more frequent in using your products and which products they patronize the most from those that lightly use your products for their daily needs. Extract information from your analytic data regarding the behavior of your product users. The behavioral model for segmenting customers will give you big data regarding customer loyalty and usage of your products. You can separate customers that are more frequent in using your products and which products they patronize the most from those that lightly use your products for their daily needs. Extract information from your analytic data regarding the behavior of your product users. Take note of their shopping preferences, lifestyle, purchasing behavior, communication engagement, spending habits and service delivery preference.

  • Leverage on benefit segmentation

You can grow the ability of your business to satisfy your customer’s needs and wants through benefit segmentation. The consumer response to your products varies and using this predictive model will enable you to segment customers who purchase your products based on the benefits it can give them. Among the segmentation metrics that you can use for instance will include the price, style, prestige, comfort and other benefit categories that you can use in order to develop better products to satisfy your customers’ needs and preferences.

Social data for customer engagement

Social data can provide huge information to internet marketers on how to engage their customers better. Customer engagement is an important pillar to your business marketing campaigns as it drives loyalty of the consumers to your business.

  • Start by collecting small social data from social media graphs, Twitter feeds, Facebook likes and comments, blogs, mobile application activities and geographic coordinates.
  • Use the data to create social influences and in making your business popular within the social media community. Extract information that will help you identify your target customers’ interest.
  • Make your business stand out by capturing the interests of social media users by hosting contests, offer freebies and other valuable articles that will your target customers are likely to be interested.
  • Leverage on customer feedbacks and ratings. Social media users have the strong inclination to interact online with the opportunity to share their ideas and insights. Asking your customers to rate or leave a feedback about your product will give future customers some basis why they should prefer your products. Make sure to be responsive as well in order to engage your customers more.
  • Work out your product development strategies based on your customer’s feedback in order to make your business more competent in satisfying them.
  • Create social media accounts such as Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus in order to maximize your business social media exposure where your business can interact to billions of social media users worldwide.

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