The Big Data Impacts on Digital Marketing in 2014


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2014 is the year for big data explosion in the digital marketing industry. Many companies failed to prosper in their business undertakings mainly because of the failure to fill in the gaps in analytics. Big data is known to cover up this empty space that brings a lot of loopholes in the digital marketing campaigns of online marketers. In a study conducted by the Online Marketing Institute (OMI), about 37% of digital companies are in need of employees with talents and skills in data and analytics.


big data

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The digital marketing sphere is now dominated by experts in data and analytics. Big data and analytics are considered to be a major game changer in the field of digital marketing and the most sought after marketers are experts in these fields. The big data explosion in 2014 is now imminent and the big question is: Is your company ready for the latest game in the field of digital marketing?

The exponential growth in big data demands

Major companies and brands adopt mobile and analytics marketing as the preferred digital marketing skills within their organization. Unfortunately, there are a great number of companies that have not reached the analytic maturity in order to boost their digital marketing campaigns more efficiently. Most of the time, when something goes wrong in your marketing campaign, what is crucial to gain recovery is to point out where your marketing strategy went wrong. That is where big data and analytics come into play.

Changing the landscape of online marketing


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Digital marketing experts view that the fundamentals in marketing retains the same requirements:

  • Defining goals and objectives
  • Using keywords for SEO
  • Understanding the value of SEO to your marketing campaign
  • Promotion of your business
  • Implement selling proposition
  • Boost conversion rate
  • Social search marketing
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Understanding your online competition
  • Defining a realistic budget

Big data changes the landscape in online marketing in terms of the MEANS on how to undertake your marketing strategies. As consumer behaviors constantly change, it is crucial for your business to be adoptive to these changes and to become more capable of addressing this changing consumer behavior and preferences. How? By leveraging on big data and analytics.

Big data and increasing your digital marketing ROI

Every company has their own data but there is a big difference between big data and smart data. You can transform big data into smart data by using analytics and using metrics in gauging the progress as well as the digital marketing flops that you experience in order to make your business more capable of becoming flexible and competent in taking the challenge in embracing the changes in consumer behavior.


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The recent study by Forbes and Rocket Fuel provides that about 85% of marketing initiatives involves an increasing insight into consumer behavior. While the marketing fundamentals remain the same, the means by which you can draw out the value of your business to customers will be highly influenced by big data and analytics.

Big data can reveal the recent changes in your customer behavior thereby giving your business a better marketing stance to pursue in order to make your brand consistently on the top of your marketing goals. Customer satisfaction has a significant implication to your return of investments and big data and analytics can conformably make your business capable of manipulating the conversion of your leads into sales.

Breaking down the analytic process and big data usage

Evaluating your digital marketing capabilities is crucial in order to gauge your marketing performance and ability to connect to the consumers. There are different aspects of analytics that you should undertake in order to extract valuable big data to integrate in your digital marketing campaigns.

  • Determine analytic metrics valuable to your digital campaign
  • Data collection
  • Obtain reports and interpreting data
  • Ongoing analysis and data implementation

It is crucial to establish your digital measurement using analytics tools. There are specialized analytic tools that provide various metrics that you can measure with respect to your digital marketing goals. Interpreting data metrics can help you make sound and practical marketing decisions. With the sheer volume of metrics that you can measure, it is important to prioritize which are valuable in your digital marketing campaigns.

Using the visitor segmentation overview metric of the Google Analytics Tool for instance will give you valuable information regarding the statistics of your website visitor behavior such as the new and returning visitors to your site and tracking down their engagement to your products, the length of visits of your visitors, how many times a particular web page is viewed by your visitors as well as visitor trending. You can draw out valuable information in identifying the behavior and interaction of your website visitors to your products. Identify which page seems to engage your customers more and those that do not entice your visiting audience at all.


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Data analysis priority

One of the greatest challenges in big data management is prioritizing your data analysis. Google marketing experts share the view that marketer should give about 15% of your efforts in capturing data using analytics tool, 20% for data reporting and the remaining 65% on analyzing data. Collection of data and reporting is a very fundamental process in big data management. But digital marketers are very elaborate in emphasizing to spend more time in data analysis and understanding the data implication to your business. Your priority should evolve around interpreting what the data means and what your marketing team should do with it.

Paying big bucks for data gathering is worthless if you don’t know how to measure its implication to your business. Hiring search engine optimization experts in Atlanta can be a viable option where their specialization is focused on implementing data driven SEO digital marketing strategies that will render your business more capable of addressing the changing consumer behaviors and needs. Big data gathering should be driven with measurement and results and its analysis and implementation may be within the hands of the digital marketing experts to make your data convert into better revenues for your business.

Big data management and analytics offers a valuable digital marketing solution for your business. At Digital Warriors we can assist you in utilizing big data analytics to your business advantage.

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