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Big data

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The big data market is expected to grow exponentially because of its significant impact on digital marketing and search engine optimization process. At this point in time, big data professionals view the big data market to be at the stage of developing maturity as more business CEO’s employ big data for better customer acquisition and retention program as well as defining better digital marketing strategies.

Big data impact to digital marketing


big data

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The core principle of big data when applied in digital marketing analytics is discovering the WHAT and not WHY about your business. Big data is about data volume integrated with the speed of data usage. The digital market is very volatile and fast paced and every marketer should be able to use the data available in real time to optimize their business. What your customers want and need today may be different by the next day. Slow data usage by digital marketers in using the big data available to them means losing opportunities for a better market and return of investment (ROI) prospects.

Big data provides you better marketing insights that can help strengthen the value of your business to your target leads and eventually making your leads convert into sales. The data volume needs to be processed, managed and analyzed in order to extract the “WHAT” aspects of your digital marketing needs. You need to understand these big data disciplines that can help improve the capability of your digital marketing strategies:

1.       Insightful attribution on lead conversion rates

Big data has an impact on lead conversion rates. It delivers insightful data that you can use in order to extract what influencing factors are affecting customer behavior causing them to convert or not to convert. Here are few helpful tips on how to maximize the attribution of your leads for better conversion:

  • Your big data flow will likely to be massive thus you need to segregate customer behavioral statistics according to your marketing goals.
  • Use big data analytic tools to help you manage your data volume and categorize them for real time analytics.
  • Organize metrics according to your targeted goals and assign categories for each like lead conversion rates, social engagement of your site, click through rates as among many others.

2. Audience management and engagement

Big data is not only useful in understanding your customer behavior but can help you improve your digital marketing strategies in terms of customer engagement and retention. Converting leads remain to be your potential customers and at this stage of your digital marketing process your ultimate goal is to continuously engage existing customers and manage their interaction to your business. Here’s how:

  • Use big data analytics such as the recency of customer visits, frequency of their visits and length of engagement to your website.
  • Evaluate your website design and structure. They can cause issues that prevent your existing customers from staying long to view your new product updates. Perhaps your web pages load slowly causing potential leads from pursuing their interest to your business.
  • Leverage on using social media optimization to spread your website visibility on social media networks and track all social comments, sharing and like about your business.
  • Take note of your customer interaction to your products and address their preferences and dislikes.
  • Obtain your customer demographic profile as well as their shopping behavior.

3. Big data impact on digital marketing strategy

By understanding what you should do in order to improve digital marketing process, big data can help marketers to deliver data-driven strategies to help optimize ROI while reducing the risks of failure.

  • Improve your marketing concepts by using big data in acquiring transparency on the opportunities available on engaging customers.
  • Restructure your digital marketing strategies that will target in addressing your customer’s purchasing behavior, buying needs and preferences and shopping activities.
  • Use big data analytics in searching for the best keywords and phrases to use in optimizing your website traffic and online visibility for more targeted lead generation for business.

4. Big data analytics usage for quick data management


big data

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Not until the big data market explosion that digital marketers value the use of big data analytic tools. Because of the massive volume that marketers can utilize for digital marketing, using analytic tools become necessary in order to implement effective data management, analyzing workflow implementing sound digital marketing processes using search engine optimization and other forms of marketing strategies.

  • The complexities of big data volume may tend to push marketers off course and out of focus on the important data to collect and analyze that will be relevant to their business. Use data analytic tools in order to implement a more systematic and automated process of targeting specific data that matters for their digital marketing goals.
  • Use analytic tools with the capability of advanced data migration quick enough in capturing relevant data and processing the information for you to partake in an actionable marketing strategy response in real time.
  • Your analytic tool should also be integrated with features of data profiling, cleansing, time and event scheduling, data matching and enrichment.
  • Use big data alert to keep you updated on the most recent raw data available for exploiting market opportunities.

Implementing the big data workflow

The big data structure tends to be complex if a marketer is unable to manage and analyze important data that will be valuable to their digital marketing process. Strategic digital marketing approach depends upon the insights that can be extracted from the data workflow available to use for your digital marketing approach. These areas of big data workflow are important in implementing a data driven marketing strategies as follow:

Big Data Management

Real time information is valuable in order for every business to become highly responsive according to their customer behavior and performance in the digital market. Big data management needs technologies to capture data and most common among digital marketers are social data and data extracted from mobile marketing and data segmentation tools. Big data overload can pose a problem among marketers and search engine optimization services in Atlanta derive better data management for SEO by filtering relevant data only to manage them more accurately without much delay.

Big Data Analytics

Analyzing the massive data volume collected may become exhausting and inaccurate when done manually. This makes big data analytic tools valuable in digital marketing. Optimization process is enhanced once analytic tools are able to analyze and segregate important metrics that will help you obtain insightful data for your marketing strategies. Analytic tools can help marketers exercise better decisions according to their marketing goals by filtering important data and segmenting them by categories.

Big Data Insights

Big data offers new marketing opportunities by delivering insightful information that can help marketers exercise actionable responses in enhancing their digital marketing approach. As a result, big data will help you deliver modern products that meet the demands of your customers in the world of digital marketing. Use data analytics to minimize market risks and define a better innovative marketing structures that allows you to discover better leads and lead conversion opportunities and more customer-focused transactional services that boost your business competence and decision making processes.

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