Best Practices in Email Marketing to Boost Your Email CTR

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Are you among the 87% email marketers who don’t know about your click through rate performance? As you embark on a productive marketing tactic, you will realize that you need to become more pro-active in using email and its beneficial advantages to your online marketing campaigns. Email marketing is not a foreign online marketing strategy for marketers and it is one of the mediums used by internet marketing Atlanta for better marketing results. Its ultimate goal is to help market a product online using email. Your marketing efforts are driven towards increasing your email’s click through rate or CTR to be able to convert your leads into a potential sale for your business products and services. As you embark in email marketing, it is your primary concern to send out emails that your target customers will take the time to click through. There are some best practices in email marketing that every online marketer should know about in order to ensure that your email marketing efforts do not end up getting junked on your potential client’s email trash bin. Most of the time you will need some help and assistance from an affordable seo service. Here are some of the best email marketing practices and ethical standards that will help enhance your email CTR to yield more productive results to your business.

A click friendly email content will yield a better click through rate

As your potential customers start reading your email, it is essential that you are able to provide them a more visible button that they can click through. A click friendly email refers to those that contain visible and big enough buttons that a reader can easily locate to prompt them to take the next step after reading your email marketing content. Using bigger headings and words that will prompt them to click on it will be helpful. Using call to action phrases should always be a part of your email content and they should be positioned conspicuously where the email reader can easily find it. You can also add the link which your reader can click through on important or significant words on your email content. You can likewise integrate the same user friendly buttons that web design Atlanta can provide for your website that optimizes your marketing tactics in boosting your web page CTR.

Invest your efforts in searching for the most appropriate keywords that will be relevant to your marketing niche. Using them in your marketing content will be helpful in catching the reader’s attention. It will be unethical to use keywords or link your website to inappropriate words that are without significant to your market. To ensure that you are attaching an active link to your email make sure to check your link before sending them out to your potential customers. Dead links on your email can significantly affect your email CTR performance and it will not produce potential leads to your business.

Make your email content straightforward

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By writing an email content that is straight to the point, you will likely get the attention of your email readers. Some of your potential customers may not be interested about reading long email content and this increases the risk of them sending your email to the trash bin. Email marketers need to develop the ability of communicating to their target customers with the proper choice of words in a concise manner. Incorporating videos on your email marketing content will likely engage your target customers. It provides you an ability to communicate important points about your business with 72% changes of making them convert.

With longer email content, often with content that are no longer relevant and unimportant to your target market, your customer will begin to lose interest on reading through your email without taking the time to click on your call to action button or links. This can significantly reduce your email CTR and essentially can negatively impact the potential profit from your email marketing campaign. Email readers usually look at longer promotional emails with disfavor especially when they have been receiving several emails from online marketers already. Most likely they will only scan through the email content. Shorter email marketing content that already provides important detail about your business offers and products will suffice to attract the attention of email readers with this kind of email reading behavior. You can reduce the risk of having your email deleted if you are able to provide a straightforward message that will instantly tell your potential customers what your business and products can offer them.

Consideration about your customer email viewing experience

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About 64% of internet users open their emails using their mobile browser. With the growing trend of using Smartphones and tablets for personal and business use, your target customer’s viewing experience should be taken into great consideration in your email marketing strategy. If you are not mindful about this important aspect of your email marketing campaign, you are risking the chance that your email will be deleted by its viewers because they are unable to view its contents better using their mobile browser. About 80% of mobile users will likely to delete an email when it does not provide them a good viewing experience. In order to avoid this from happening, there are many email marketing tools that you can use in order to optimize your emails to be mobile friendly that can help increase the opportunity of getting a higher CTR on your email. By using an email friendly platform for your email marketing will not only benefit your email CTR but it will also give your email readers a better viewing experience.

Devaluating your email marketing into spamming

One of the biggest mistakes of email marketers is to send out emails to any person without soliciting their consent. As a result their unsolicited email ends up being junked for being considered as spammed email. It is a good ethical practice to get your customer’s consent to subscribe for your business email by providing them some freebies or other benefits in exchange of their subscription to your email marketing campaign. This can increase your email CTR because those who subscribed are already potential customers who are interested to your products and services and already included you in their contacts that prevents your email from getting directly into their spam folder.

Know whether your efforts are paying off

Sending out your business email is not enough to ensure that you are progressing in attaining your email CTR. You need to track down your progress and review how your email marketing tactics are doing in producing results. By tracking down your progress using analytic tools that can obtain data on your email CTR, you will know which aspect of your email marketing strategy is working and those that do not.

If you are unsure on how to make a more effective email marketing campaign, TALK TO US and we can help you attain your email marketing goals.


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