Big Data for Marketing: A Review of the Atlanta Digital Summit Panel Discussion

When the Big Data Speaks, We Should Listen

Learn How to Create Your Big Data Marketing Roadmap

Atlanta Digital SummitThe Chief Digital Warrior speaks about how your business can gracefully embrace the big data challenge with these Four Key Steps to drive your digital marketing success.

Atlanta – June 8, 2014

Atlanta Digital SummitThe Big Data era is here. Is your business ready to use big data analytics to your digital marketing advantage? The Atlanta Digital Summit panel discussion with Digital-Warriors provided digital marketers the opportunity to finally ponder on the fact that every aspect of their business involves big data. The Chief Warrior Jason Bowden provided enlightening insights about the evolution of the big data in the digital marketing industry and how to help digital marketers build their roadmap to big data marketing success. The introduction of big data can become overwhelming among the digital marketers and the process has caused a disruptive shift on how marketers should do business more competitively with better targeted goals and making results. Big data analytics can be a complex subject to learn but with the help of Bowden’s 4 Key Steps towards building a big data marketing roadmap, marketers will have a more tangible guide on how to use big data analytics for business advantage.

Atlanta Digital Summit

Digital Warriors’ Expert Jason Bowden

As a complement to the summit, Digital Warriors’ publishes a free eBook on When the Data Speaks, in which Chief Warrior Jason Bowden introduces the big data era as it affects the digital marketing industry, alongside with the big data challenges and opportunities for business. If you want to understand how you can align your digital marketing campaigns using the big data analytics advantage, the eBook provides insightful information about the 4 P’s in big data digital marketing namely Personalization, Performance, Prediction and Privacy. Jason coined this new view of Big Data to illustrate business use cases over over published technology  buzz words. He recognizes and explains how the 4 P’s are the major key components of every digital marketer’s big data analytics approach in order to fully attain their marketing goals with a boost in their marketing performance using the big data advantage.

In a competitive world of digital marketing industry it is crucial to understand which direction to take in order to attain your marketing goals. The Atlanta Digital Summit is an event that has helped digital marketers to understand that they can create their own blueprint of digital marketing success by utilizing the big data solution using Bowden’s 4 Key Steps for Big Data Marketing Roadmap. This was received as a great blueprint to get started in this space as many have been struggling to get their feet wet.

Atlanta Digital Summit

Atlanta Digital Summit

Learning how to extract big data and when to use it for analytics will yield more profit for your business while enhancing customer loyalty and maintaining your business competitiveness in the digital industry. From the Atlanta Digital Summit, even small business marketers learned that they can compete with larger firms.

If you want to know more about the Digital Warriors expertise in big data marketing, you can visit The company provides comprehensive internet marketing solutions like IT consulting, marketing analytics, social media marketing, search engine optimization and web design and development.

You can also call 888 988 7567 to learn more about the Atlanta Digital Summit and to get help from Warrior Jason’s expertise on big data analytics.

You may also get the free eBook here:
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