Analytics Strategies To Measure Social Signals

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Getting high quality traffic to your website is very important, especially when you are undertaking a digital marketing campaign. The social media platform has become a popular tool for helping websites in improving its search ranking and search engine optimization process. A strong social signal can significantly enhance the popularity of your brand and in driving quality traffic to your business. Measuring social signals, thus has become an important aspect of your SEO and digital marketing goals and with the help of social analytics, you can manage to pull together measurable metrics that can help you optimize your social media marketing campaign.

What is Social Signal?

If you have different business social media accounts and they get likes, votes, pins and shares, you are already generating social signals for your business online. The more social signals your social media profiles are able to generate, the more your brand is becoming popular online. At a certain point, your social signal helps to generate traffic for your business and it becomes an undertaking of social SEO strategy. Unlike the traditional search engine optimization which often involves using backlinks, keywords and anchor texts to generate traffic to a website and improve its search rank, social SEO involves interaction among the social users, which are “humans” instead of the mere mathematical approach used in the traditional search engine optimization. Social SEO has now become more adherent to Google’s Penguin and Panda releases for measuring search engine optimization outcomes.

The benefits of social signals to your business are numerous. It can improve your website’s search engine ranking page. Social signals have a strong influence on how the search engine ranks a website and it significantly replaced backlinks as a metric used by Google for search ranking. Once people begin recommending your brand through social signals such as re-pinning, liking, voting, and sharing your posts, there is a high probability that your business is growing its popularity, traffic and conversion rates.

The Essence of Social Analytics to Business

Social analytics is now considered to be a part of business intelligence strategy where statistical data is collected, analyzed and used in predicting customer behavior. The analytic results coming from the social data used can help businesses to become more responsive to the changing needs of their customers and market industry trend. It is also used by online marketers to review and monitor the marketing strategies of their competitors. The use of analytics has become an important tool for businesses in understanding the mass of meaningful data that is available to improve their market competitiveness and in bringing their brand closer to the consumers.

How to Use Analytics in Measuring Social Signals

Analyzing social data can be very complex when done manually. Using an analytics tool can make the process more intelligent, organized and can capture important metrics that would be difficult if not impossible through human intervention. The Google Analytics is the popular tool used by online marketers in measuring social metrics and signals while there are other paid analytic tools that have similar features for tracking social data and analyzing them for social SEO.

1.       Using the social referral metrics


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It is important to learn which among your referring sources bring high quality and organic traffic to your website. This will help you concentrate your social SEO strategies on these referring sites in order to find more social users who are likely engaged and like your business.

  • If you are using Google Analytics tool, use the social sources metric to identify the traffic trend coming from the different social media sites.
  • Once you have identified which source is taking high traffic to your business, click on each in order to find which among your site’s web pages are the most visited.
  • It also has an activity stream feature where you can see who among the social users have been sharing, liking or voting for your web page content.
  • Reinforce the engagement of your brand with social users by taking note of the most viewed content on your website which tends to attract the attention of your target viewers. 

2.       Evaluate your social conversions


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If you are too keen about monitoring and keeping track of your business social conversion rate, the social conversion metrics will provide you an overview about the number of your goal completion and business conversion coming from the social media sites.

  • Most analytics tools will require you to enter your own conversion goal prior to enabling its reporting activity.
  • Filter the report according to your specific goals. You can also set your own goal values as well as the conversion value that you want to monitor in order to filter results.
  • Find out which social media networks are taking high conversion rate to your business. 

3.       Measuring your social media reach

Tracking down your business social media reach is essential in order to understand and measure your social media marketing reach.

  • Use the social media reach metrics for analytics in order to identify your audience growth rate.
  • Evaluate whether there is an increasing number of your business social followers.
  • Connect your social media data to reach the potential profit earning from various social media network sources.
  • Identify which social media search engine optimization campaign has been bringing the higher number of social media traffic and followers to your business.
  • Optimize that SEO approach you are using in order to grow more followers from your social media profiles that do not generate better social reach for your business.  

4.       Track down your business social engagement

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Tracking down the social media reach of your business is not enough. You need to dig deeper into your social analytics undertaking by tracking down its social engagement as well. As the number of your social media followers starts growing, it is crucial to know whether you are attracting social users who are interested in converting for your business.

  • Track down the average engagement rate from your social analytics to pulse whether your followers are not merely subscribing fans and followers, but are actually interested about what your business is all about.
  • Identify which among your social followers are actually listening and taking action to respond to your business communications.
  • Use the analytic report to identify which of your web page contents tend to engage your social network members longer.

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