Leveraging on Social Media Marketing to Boost Web Presence

Social media marketing

If you are not using the powerful influence of social media in your marketing efforts by now, then it is possible that you are already left behind by your competitors. Online marketers, bloggers, webmasters and SEO professionals are currently leveraging on social media marketing as a crucial part of their online marketing efforts. Here are ways on how you can benefit…

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Is Your Website Google Penguin 2.0 Ready

Google Penguin 2.0

Google Penguin 2.0 was unleashed by the search engine giant and many website owners are striving to make their business site more compliant to this latest Google algorithm update. It is worth noting that small to medium business owners were among the casualties after Google Penguin 2.0 begins to run online. Because Google is undisputedly the big player in the search engine industry, website owners have no…

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